The members have emphasized that TETRACOM has strongly demonstrated how to address the gap to bring academic excellence to sound business results. Read-out what they think about TETRACOM's impact results at the final advisoy board meeting:

TETRACOM started out with an ambitious goal of facilitating academic transfers where so much IP is left to dwindle away. TETRACOM has fulfilled every ambition with a remarkable number of successful transfers to industry. TETRACOM has run this project with a true startup spirit, testing key assumptions and in the journey creating a highly successful format to increase innovation in Europe's business. I strongly recommend to copy this format in other domains to further strengthen Europe's competitive position Based on feedback from EU and internal reviews, TETRACOM has gathered a comprehensive data set of insights from industry and academic partners on the impact of the enabled technology transfers. The data presents solid grounds to continue and build-out this type of activity. Dr. ir. Martijn Rutten, CEO, Vector Fabrics, NL

TETRACOM has strongly demonstrated how to address the gap to bring academic excellence to sound business results. It was impressive to see how to transfer an idea to a machinery that brings great research ideas to the next level. It would be very desirable to see this type of activity to continue in order to further unleash the potential in European academia. Dr. Matthias Weiss, Managing Director, CommSolid GmbH, DE (formerly employed at Intel Mobil Communications Technology)

Technology transfers are hard. In the beginning on TETRACOM, I stated that even if two or three true technology transfers happen, the program is well worth it. TETRACOM exceeded my expectations in both quality and quantity of solid and verified technology transfers with cost-efficiency never seen before. Tero Rissa, Distinguished Engineer, Nokia Finland, FI