Sub 1 GHz ISA100 technology for low cost and low power consumption embedded systems

The increased interest in the enhancement of factory monitoring and process control applications with wireless technology has led to the emergence of open protocols and standards for industrial automation. Recently, the ISA100 wireless (ISA100.11a), WirelessHART, and IEEE 802.15.4.e standards, aiming to fulfill the demanding requirements of industrial wireless networks, have been approved. However, the vast majority of the developed solutions operate in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical band, and their coexistence raises concerns regarding communication reliability.

CDS, as a developer of wireless products and technologies for industrial applications in areas such as aerospace, oil & gas and environmental monitoring, participated in several research contracts (ESA ‐ European Space Agency, BiTherm, Spirax Sarco, Ikusi, LG Sonic, Environmental Protection Agency), and has developed an ISA100 radio communication module for different 2.4 GHz wireless tracking applications. The company identified the range provided by existing solutions as a problem in implementing different monitoring applications, such as smart meters. Other issues consist of the high cost and limited access of existing radio modules to specific applications fields, such as industrial control.

This TTP aims to develop a sub 1 GHz ISA100 wireless radio module, operating at 868 MHz. The achievement of a simpler, more reliable and power‐efficient design was targeted, with the ultimate goal of providing lower production costs and the possibility of approaching new markets and application domains....

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