• 50 technology
  • 67% SME
  • 15 EU countries


TTPs: A fast and effective technology transfer instrument

Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs) are TETRACOM´s novel and unique transfer vehicle. Each TTP implements a small-scale and highly focused bilateral academia-industry transfer activity.

  • Co-funding
  • University partner
  • Technology
  • Industry partner

Accomplishments of TETRACOM

  • 50 individual TTPs

    TETRACOM was instrumental in initiating 50 concrete, bilateral ICT technology transfers to European industry.

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  • 67% SME involvement

    2/3 of all TETRACOM TTPs directly served micro, small and medium sized enterprises in acquisition of new technologies.

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  • Infinite opportunities

    At an average EU investment of only €25,000, many TTPs predict 6-digit amounts of money in cost savings and new sales opportunities.

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TETRACOM Industry Advisory Board members' endorsements

At the final advisory board meeting, the members have emphasized that TETRACOM has strongly demonstrated how to address the gap to bring academic excellence to sound business results. Read-out what they think about TETRACOM's impact results!

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Industry testimonials

  • "The project has been very profitable for us. The optimization reduces the losses and it increases our competitiveness in the market. In gross numbers, we can save around 150,000€/year. In our opinion this kind of relationship and technology transfer should be encouraged."

    David Rueda, Ingeniería & Mantenimiento, AGC Flat Glass Ibérica
  • "Bluebee participated in a TETRACOM project to enable the transfer of IP from the Delft University of Technology and Imperial College London to the company. A couple of IP components developed within the two universities are needed in the field of genomics and are expected to improve the performance of genomics diagnostics pipelines. In particular, TETRACOM facilitated the transfer of hardware implementations needed to accelerate the BWA-MEM algorithm for DNA alignment on FPGAs developed by the Delft University of Technology.

    Dr. Ir. Zaid Al-Ars, Scientific Advisor, Bluebee
  • "The TETRACOM project is great opportunity for start-up companies for an easy and seamless technology transfer from the academic world. The program is a vital component for Creonic to stay ahead in technology."

    Timo Lehnigk-Emden, Managing Director, Creonic
  • "The cooperation between MediTECH and the Institute of Microelectronic Systems at the Leibniz University in the course of the TETRACOM Project was very beneficial for us.  It provided new insights into the development of highly integrated inertial measurement units.  The result of this close and productive partnership has provided us with a new basis for future generations of biofeedback systems that make up the core of our product base.  TETRACOM provides an excellent platform for small and medium enterprises to benefit from cooperation with Universities."

    Ralph Warnke, Director, MediTECH Electronic GmbH
  • "Through the TTP we got the possibility to transfer knowledge from excellent research partner and we got a special knowledge  as a company in the area of medical  informatics. At the same time I would like to expose that the research activities on mobile ECG sensor started in Ljubljana 40 years or more ago. One of the most prosperous group on the mentioned problem  is a gorup at Jozef Stefan Institute. Researchers at SAVVNG Company active on telemedical projects recognised, that the project of the wearable body ECG sensor is the appropriate phase for industrialisation.

    Prof. Dr. Jurij F. Tasič, Strategic Development Management, Saving d.o.o.
  • "The TTP titled “eGPU accelerated HEVC/H.265 video decoder” enabled us to understand the requirements for accelerating HEVC video decoding in our embedded GPUs. The result was to modify the internal architecture of our GPUs by inserting a new special functional unit (SFU) dedicated for video acceleration. This is an on-going effort with many challenging open issues (technical and marketing)."

    Dr. Georgios Keramidas, CSO, Think Silicon S.A.